Criminal Lawyers in Brampton

Criminal Lawyers in Brampton


Criminal lawyers are known for their yearly salary, which is what makes so many people attracted to the industry. But the question everyone is asking is there better areas of law that are more beneficial in terms of a career option. When you’re dealing with people as a criminal lawyer in Brampton, you need to decide a couple of things. What do you stand for? And what are your boundaries? For example: if a criminal came to you who killed three people and they want you to prove them innocent, how do you handle that? If you decide to defend him as being innocent then you are releasing more bad into this world when clearly that criminal deserves to be locked up. However, at the expense, you are losing a big paycheck if you decide to turn down the case. So in those tough situations being a criminal lawyer, you can get paid big but release more bad into the world because that criminal will still be on the loose, or you can stick to what you stand for but your paycheck will suffer. So with that being said, is criminal law the best field in the law industry?


Most people have found that real estate law is a lot more relaxed however the commission isn’t as big. However, at the same time, real estate lawyers can handle many different transactions at once over someone like a criminal lawyer depending on the case size. So with that being said, a criminal lawyer can get paid a lot for one caseload and a real estate lawyer can match their commission if they can bring in a lot of real estate transactions at once. This basically means that they increase the volume of real estate transactions from their law firm.


Another downside to being a criminal lawyer is that you may get flooded with people just searching for legal aid. This means that the criminal’s cases are not that serious but they also can’t afford a lawyer so the government will allow them to participate in something called legal aid. This is when you are hired as a lawyer to help someone that cannot afford your services but the government will pay you down the road. Most criminal lawyers hate taking on these types of cases because they get paid so far down the road and most of the time it isn’t a big paycheck. However, going back to a real estate lawyer, the benefit to that is that you are always dealing with people who are able to afford your services and you also get paid a lot quicker. It is much easier and quicker to close a real estate transaction then close a criminal case that is going through a couple week trial. So depending on what you like to do and how you see yourself providing a law service, it is important to evaluate the different types of law services out there and add up the pros and cons for the best law field that will best fit you.

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