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Spotting Gold And Silver Prices

Spotting Gold And Silver Prices

You may be searching for the price of gold per ounce and the overall price of precious metals, or even checking the Kitco, Inc. gold chart, trying to figure out the very best way to purchase your precious metals and save the most money.

Many uneducated buyers don’t know any better so they just call up a broker whom they see advertising on TV and rely on them to tell them what they need to do. Bad idea. As always, stop and educate yourself before you contact anyone.

Some brokers know that when you call in, they only have “one shot” at getting all they can from you at that time. They know the odds are good that they either sell you right then… or they lose the sale forever.

Sometimes they will use every trick known to man to convince you to “go all in” and spend everything you possibly can with them… right now. Again, don’t allow yourself to be sold.

In most cases, dollar cost averaging is the smartest way to go. No one, absolutely no one can accurately predict the price movements of gold and silver.

I have found that the smartest advisors I know are very up-front about this. They freely admit it. Often the less smart, “want-to-be” advisors pretend to know the market moves in advance, but they are rarely, if ever, correct.
So, if no one knows the future price moves, it’s often best to spread out your purchases and dollar cost average.

Determine how much you want to invest over some time, and break up your purchases into several different amounts.

For example, say you want to invest X amount over the next 6 months, and you want to pretty much break it up into 4 to 6 different purchases.

It’s okay to vary your timing from your plan a bit if necessary. You can keep an eye on the spot prices, and when you see them dip… that’s the time to purchase more.

But when it’s on sale, not necessarily when it’s going up like crazy. This is a hard concept for some people to act on.

It seems like every time the metals have a selloff, people start asking if they should sell. “Is it time to get out of the market and take our profits?”, they ask. Most of the people I know think just the opposite.
They say to themselves, “Hot dog, they are putting my metals on sale… it’s time to back up the truck and purchase.”

Conversely, when the metals are going up like crazy, that’s when the masses want to jump in.

Gold & silver usually tend to have some pretty dramatic price movements, and not just go straight up. However, if the market is reasonably steady, it’s usually best to stick to your purchasing, dollar-cost-averaging, schedule.
CAUTION…You can make yourself stark raving crazy if you become obsessed with watching the spot price all day long and trying to guess its next move.

Trust me, I know this from experience.

Life will be much better if you develop your investment plan, and pretty much stick to it. And, your results will probably be much better if you have a plan, instead of trying to guess the best time to “go all in” and hope you got it right.

Making Money With Gold And Silver Parties

Making Money With Gold And Silver Parties

Did you know that hosting a gold and silver party will make you and your friends money? Does making money out of unwanted, unused, or broken gold and silver pieces of jewelry sound like a good idea to you? Gold and silver parties are events where the host as well as the guests will have fun and also earn some bucks if they sell silver and their gold items. Your commission for hosting the event is an instant 10 percent of the dollar value of all gold and silver items sold at the party besides your being able to earn money when you sell your own unused or unwanted pieces of jewelry. Home parties are similar to product parties but distinct because your guests will earn money for selling things that are rather inconsequential to them instead of giving out money which is what product parties are known for. If you have decided to host a gold and silver party, here are tips that will help you make the most money.

How you can host a gold and silver party for the most commission: If you wish to host a silver and gold party for the most commission, your focus should be on three things which are: 1. How to find a reputable online gold dealer to host the party for you and cover your overhead charges as well as offer a good rate per ounce of silver and gold as payout to your guests. 2. How to create a buzz around your gold and silver party which will make the event the talk of the town and get many people to attend. 3. How to make your guests relax and comfortable during the event.

Finding a reputable online gold and silver dealer to host your event, being present at the party to appraise and buy gold and silver items from your guests, and offering you a 10% payout for hosting the party is the first step if you are looking to make a success of your jewelry party. The gold dealer will make available to you a professional gold assessor who will be present during your party and professionally evaluate the quality and weight of all items of gold and silver your guests will bring to sell at the event as well as make immediate cash payout to your guests when they sell silver and gold pieces of jewelry.

Factors that determine how much your 10% commission will be worth in dollars: Two things will determine how much money you will make for hosting your jewelry party-the quantity of items sold and the rate offered per ounce of each precious metal. The more the number of guests who attends and sells silver and gold at your party, the higher the dollar value of your commission and the higher the rate the online gold dealer offers to pay your guests the higher your chances of earning a good payout as your commission. Therefore, the more you work to get as many people to attend your silver and gold party the better your chances of making money for hosting a no-cost event.

Investing In Silver

Investing In Silver

Are silver American Eagle Coins the right investment for you? We are facing challenging times. Many national economies are in a state of transition, with some even teetering on the brink of defaulting on their national debt. Consumer confidence remains low, with unemployment high. Many analysts are recommending investments that will remain liquid and will provide a solid hedge against inflation. These analysts recommend that their clients invest in precious metals. For the most part that means investments in physical gold and silver. And for many wise investors that means acquiring gold or silver coins or bars.

The wisdom of purchasing gold or silver is obvious. Precious metals hold their value in times of economic uncertainty. And we certainly have plenty of that right now. Purchasing and holding bullion and investment-grade coins rather than paper assets provides even more security in that the investor is not relying on decisions made by a fund manager in the case of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

They are also not exposed to the systemic risk of holding paper assets in a fluctuating economy. And although it is possible to have a custodial arrangement with a depository that will hold your tangible asset for an annual fee, there is considerable satisfaction, security, and confidence provided by actually maintaining physical control of the metal without having to rely on an intermediary to liquidate those assets quickly should you decide you want to sell them.

Investment grade coins are a sound investment and a wise decision. The government which minted the coins has taken infinite care in providing investors who purchase the coins with guaranteed purity and weight. With those risks being taken out of the equation, investment decisions become much easier. The gold-or-silver question becomes easier when you look at the ease of selling your coins should that become necessary.

It is far more likely that you will find a buyer with the ability to pay for a single silver coin than for a far more costly gold piece. So many people opt for the silver option rather than the gold. And when it comes to investment-grade silver coins, none is held in higher regard than the silver American Eagle produced by the U.S. Mint.

The decision now is where to purchase your coins. With so many sources for silver American Eagle coins, the wisest decision will probably be made based on the coin’s price. The closer to the “spot” price of silver that you can purchase your Silver Eagle, the better the return on your investment will be. In other words, an astute investor will purchase his coins from a dealer who can provide the lowest possible price.

You can buy your American Silver Eagle Coins directly from the US Mint, but you will pay a high price.

I suggest you shop around. There are only 10 giant gold and silver bullion wholesale companies in the United States who are licensed to purchase American Silver Eagle Coins directly from the US Mint, in huge quantities. So these 10 companies get them for the lowest prices, however, they do not sell directly to the public. They are wholesalers so they only sell to licensed gold and silver dealers.

Thousands of dealers buy from these 10 wholesalers. They buy at wholesale, mark them up, and then sell them to consumers. I recently found a way to bypass the dealer markup altogether. There are no minimum quantity purchases required. You can buy as few or as many as you wish so it’s perfect for the beginner investor or the serious investor who is looking to buy at the lowest possible prices.

Gold And Silver Prices

Gold And Silver Prices

Understanding The Price Of Gold And Silver And The Best Way To Buy Gold and Silver

Many investors these days are saying to themselves, “Should I buy gold” and “Should I buy silver”? They instinctively know that they should, but many don’t know the rules of the game. Some are being set up to fail without knowing anything about gold and silver coins, gold and silver prices, much less how to buy gold and silver.

Some brokers would have you believe that they are one of only a few sources to buy gold and silver bullion from. When you stop and look around, you will find that gold and silver can be bought from a practically endless number of places. However, they are not all good options so you need to know the pros & cons of the various options.

These days your main options for buying gold and silver are; local coin shops, online dealers, eBay, Craig’s List, pawn shops, coin shows, banks, etc. So, where’s the best place to buy from?

Here is a little-known, but very important secret that should help you make up your mind. When the brokers buy their inventory from giant wholesalers, most of the wholesalers offer “Volume Pricing”.

The little guys who don’t buy much, pay the highest prices. The big guys who buy a lot, pay the lowest prices. That makes sense, right?

So, if you buy from the little guys… like your local coin shops, etc… it’s pretty simple to figure out that you are going to pay more… because they have to pay more for their inventory to start with. So if you want to pay less, you should buy from the big guys, right? Well, maybe, but not so fast.

Most of the big guys also have big offices, big staffs, and big overheads. Many of them are also advertising on TV, radio, the internet, etc. 24/7. Some of them are spending millions and even tens of millions of dollars to do all of that advertising. Want to guess who pays for that advertising? That’s right grasshopper… you do!

The big guys have to build in these costs and charge large margins to be able to pay that huge advertising bill, not to mention the other cost and overhead of running their business. I know lots of people who would never even think of buying from anyone who advertises on TV because they know how much advertising costs… and they know those costs are passed along to their customers.

As far as eBay, Craig’s List, coin shows, and pawn shops go, you have to be careful here. Some of these are very small, one-time sellers with limited offerings. Yes, it’s possible to get some good deals here and there from time to time if you know what you are doing, know what to look for, and know how to negotiate.

Sometimes you can get good deals from unsophisticated sellers who don’t know the value of what they have, or from someone who is in a financial pinch. However, you can’t count on them for a consistent source of metals, or high-volume purchases of metals.

If you are looking to buy quite a bit of metal and/or if your time is valuable, it’s hardly worth the effort of plowing through all of the ads and running all over town to find a deal on a few coins here and there.

It mainly comes down to a matter of what your time is worth and your sophistication level. From time to time I get calls from people telling me about the amazing deal they got on this coin or that bar. They go into this long story of what they did and how they did it and all of the back and forth they did, driving all over town…and they managed to buy 5 coins at spot price. Whoopee.

Good for them. They saved $25 but probably spent way more than that on gas, not to mention the cost of their time. If you enjoy that type of thing, then there are certainly a lot worse things that you could do with your time. It’s just not for everybody.

Plus, if you order a few coins from a one-time guy on Craig’s List or eBay, or the guy at the coin show, and if you have a problem… good luck with that.

How about buying from banks or directly from the US Mint? Well, that’s certainly an option. It’s very safe. However, be prepared for major sticker shock! If getting the most for your money is important to you, then you should know that you are going to pay a very high premium price from these sellers.

China Fears Gold Boosts Over Dollar

China Fears Gold Boosts Over Dollar

China has held the world’s largest amount of US debt, larger than any other nation. However, things are drastically changing. China has changed its investment strategies, including moving out of a majority stake in dollar-dominated assets and converting those assets into gold. It doesn’t take a financial genius to figure out the logic behind China’s dollar exit strategy.

While the American dollar may still be king over an uncertain euro today, what will happen once the US is reminded that its debt levels in comparison exceed that of Greece? While still, the largest owner of foreign dollar reserves China is conscious about how overexposed their holding are, putting its national reserves into a slump. Currently, US Treasuries are inside the largest market bubble in history.

Protecting one’s assets is important, as in diversifying; however, should the bulk of your assets be tied up in US Treasuries? Where else can one run to safety? Swiss francs used to be an excellent hedging investment. However the franc today is pegged to the euro to stop or slow its appreciation because things have wildly gotten out of control.

If you happen to be from India and are holding your wealth in gold instead of rupees, then you’re the one laughing. Due to the massive depreciation of the Indian rupee, gold is at record highs when measured against it. Even though it’s several hundred dollars below its dollar-denominated high, set back in the last quarter of 2011. The Chinese have also gained from these prices.

There are only a few true haven assets remaining in the world today. There’s an ever-increasing amount of financial market manipulations going on through central banks all over the world. This is because the central banks have the utmost control over the global supply of paper money. Gold and silver prices are also capable of being manipulated and suppressed by direct involvement from the bullion banks through conspiracy tactics.

However as physical demand for precious metals grows, on a global scale the manipulations will further ease, and then finally come to an end. Because the manipulators eventually won’t be capable of holding up against the pressure of massive physical precious metals being held outside their control. Thus the global manipulations and the entities behind them will implode.

Envision the US economy and what it would resemble, should its base rate be set to the same 6 percent level Italy has. The values within asset classes ranging from stocks, bonds, or real estate would all be annihilated. At that point, a dangerous deflationary depression would come about. However, no one presently takes a serious look into this situation, a scenario that really could happen. Global economies have sat in wait; on life-support since the global financial crisis began. While requiring further life support as economies continue to fail.

The Chinese smartly and systematically have been stacking gold and silver into their government coffers with the vision that tomorrow will bring forth a severe economic event. Today they are buying physical gold and silver that acts as an insurance policy, against the worst-case scenario, the economic ills of tomorrow.

The seriousness of the mishandled eurozone sovereign debt crisis is a catastrophic problem today. It could be viewed as the best-case scenario for other nations and people to learn from and see where futures may eventually go. America is not far behind Europe, actually there in worse shape, soon the U.S. will be in similar but greater trouble. Follow China’s footsteps; invest in precious metals today to ensure your wealth tomorrow.